Beat 1.997.6 is out now on App Store! It includes small quality-of-life improvements for revisions, and an experimental feature for showing page separators.

Revision Management

I’m currently working on a highly revised screenplay, which has been in development for several years, and it’s obviously splattered with revision markers.

You can now both convert, remove and downgrade your revisions. Conversion means that every revision marker of that generation will be either removed or turned to another generation, while downgrade lets you select the new first generation.

The scene above after downgrading revisions from 3rd (purple) generation looks like this:

You can also just remove the older markings altogether by clicking on Convert/Remove Revision Markers… and leaving the target revision as empty.

Page Separators

Beat is based on the Fountain plain-text screenplay markup. Although Fountain has huge advantages over WYSIWYG-style editors, such as notes and omissions, sometimes it’s harder to figure out what can fit on a page.

Beat has page numbers in the editor, but those only give you a very rough idea about the actual page breaks.

This is about to change, as Beat 1.997.6 introduces visual page separators:

It’s still a highly experimental feature, and isn’t on by default. You can toggle it on in Preferences. You are quite likely to see glitches and weird behavior, but I’m improving it as I go. Page separators will be available on iOS as well!