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Development of Beat is done on spare time and using personal resources.

You can support the project by buying the iOS app, or by subscribing to Patreon, even if you cancel right away. Anything from loose change (1 eur/usd) to the price of a fancy coffee (5€), vegan burger (15€) or a Maserati (around 150 000€) will help me keep the lights on!

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Subscribe to my Patreon for a small monthly fee and make me very happy. You’ll receive updates and early access to new features and betas.

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Instead of supporting someone based in a Nordic welfare country, you can donate to NGOs providing life-saving help around the world during these difficult times.


Help the people of Gaza

Civilians are paying a horrific price for the ongoing war. Over 3 million people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank need urgent humanitarian aid and protection.


Doctors Without Borders

Medical care where it’s needed most


Help UNICEF’s work with vulnerable children suffering from famine, floods and the effects of climate change.