No distractions. Concentrate on writing.

Beat is an elegant screenwriting app for macOS and iOS, created by a screenwriter for screenwriters. And best of all — Beat is fully open source!

macOS — free

iOS — 12,99€

Work in a flow

Beat features a distraction-free interface and powerful tools for structuring your story.

Future proof and portable

Beat uses Fountain files, which makes them portable and future proof. Your screenplays can be opened in a multitude of other apps.


Beat can be expanded by plugins. Browse existing plugins in Plugin Library or create your own using JavaScript.

Open source and private

Beat is fully open source and your files are stored on your own device. No one else has access to them, and you can work without an Internet connection.


Distraction free writing

No buttons or other useless crap on screen. No popup alerts. Toned-down appearance is easy on the eyes and you can concentrate on writing your story.

Plain text

Files are saved using the plain-text Fountain screenplay format. You can export your files to Final Draft and PDF, or even edit them on any text editor.

Import multiple formats

Beat can read files created by Final Draft, Highland, Fade In and Celtx pretty flawlessly. FDX import even includes notes and revisions!

Dark mode

If you happen to be a vampire, Beat offers a pleasant dark mode for children of the night, even on older Macs.

Powerful outlining

Outline view and scene cards provide a good insight into your story. Add sections and synopses, and reorganize your scenes by dragging & dropping.

Automatic formatting

You don’t need to format your screenplay. Elements such as scene headings and dialogue are automatically recognized, full with autocomplete.


It’s easy to track revisions to your script, either automatically or manually, and highlight the changes on the exported PDF.

Easy scene numbering

Use automatic scene numbering and never care about it again, or lock and edit them directly in your script. Scene numbering can also be started from any number with two clicks.

Screenplay statistics

Easily see statistics about average scene length, longest scene, times of day and locations. You can also follow the gender divide in dialogue.

Plugins (macOS only)

Expand the capabilities of Beat using plugins and extensions. Read the docs to start making your own if you know some JavaScript!

About Beat

Beat was created for personal needs as every other screenwriting app kind of sucked. Beat might suck too, but does it at its own terms.

The app is totally free and will remain so. We need more free creative software, created out of pure passion, to enable new, aspiring artists from different backgrounds.

If you want to support the development you can do it via PayPal, or subscribe to Patreon.

Beat is originally based on Writer, a Fountain screenplay editor by Hendrik Noeller. The source code is released under GNU Public License, which means it will always remain open and public. And anyone can help with the development!

Drop by the Discord Community or Patreon for latest news!

See the source code at GitHub

What is Fountain?

Fountain is a plain-text screenplay format. It allows you to write screenplays in any text editor on any device, and because it’s pure text, it’s portable and future-proof.

It might be a bit scary when coming from WYSIWYG editors, but in essence, Fountain is designed to “just work” — if you type some text that looks like screenplay, it becomes screenplay. Beat expands Fountain syntax a little, but still keeps it compatible with other editors.

Beat has an editable Tutorial to get you started with Fountain!

Read more on the Fountain website.

Questions & Answers

Something is broken, I hate you

This is how you report a bug. Read the instructions carefully to make it easier to track down the issue — and to fix it. Beat is also updated fairly often, so first make sure you are running the latest version. Worst bugs are always fixed as soon as possible! Please don’t send death threats or mean e-mails.

Will there be a Windows version?

No. Beat is open source though, so someone with the time and required skillset might be able to find a way to port it. Actually, do it if you can! Apple is a greedy, hugely profitable company abusing sweatshop workers and disregarding their environmental responsibility. Fuck you, Apple.

Why is it free? Is there a catch?

Beat is originally based on GPL licensed code, and the creator’s background is in non-compromising DIY underground culture. The goal is to provide a professional-level free tool for anyone who can afford (or steal) a Mac.

Beat exists to make people happier and more free to express themselves, not to make fuckloads of money for shareholders while ignoring human rights and basically using slave labour in the global south. Did I already say fuck you, Apple?

So why is the iOS version paid?

Maintaining Beat has taken a toll on my own personal life, so to cover some of the costs and lost time, I made the companion app paid. It’s still pretty cheap, with a single-time fee — and reduced prices for countries with emerging film industries. The desktop app will remain free forever, don’t worry!

Do you collect data or store my screenplays?

No and never. Everything you create in Beat is stored only on your own computer. Beat also doesn’t collect any user data, and respects the privacy of every user. The only time Beat accesses the Internet is to check if any of your installed plugins have updates, and you can turn this off.

Read more in the short and sweet privacy policy.

How do plugins work? Can I make my own?

You can find all official plugins in Plugin Library.

Plugins are written using JavaScript. If you want to create your own extensions, head over to the Beat Plugin Wiki. You can also ask for advice on Discord.

Beat sucks, but I’ve already written 200 pages on it. Can I continue working in another app?

YES! Beat exports and imports Final Draft files (pretty flawlessly), and Fountain files can be opened in apps such as Slugline, Logline, Storyboarder and Highland. Many writers are collaborating using both Beat and Final Draft.

Is there a built-in AI component or plugin?

No. Beat is made for humans.

I have another question

Send any feedback, questions, poetry or letter bombs via Discord or e-mail (beat@beat-app.fi).