• HOTFIX: Fixes to issues where the document thought it was saved even if it wasn’t
  • Convenience feature: if an omitted block as a trailing/leading space, it’s considered empty when printing

New Features

  • Focus mode (found under View menu)
  • Slovenian localization (thanks to Martin Srebotnjak!)
  • Character biographies (in side bar character view)
  • Stylizable shot lines
  • Much better Fountain QuickLook plugin for Finder
  • Menu items for sections, synopses and shots

Bug Fixes

  • Caret position is loaded correctly again
  • Fixed bugs with restoring plugins on load
  • Issues with notepad color scheme fixed
  • Review notes are again loaded correctly in sidebar
  • Tons of minor other issues fixed
  • Changing page size again formats content margins correctly
  • Some drag & drop fixes in outline view (once again)