This is a HUGE update to Beat, and I owe big thank you to everyone who has been beta testing it, reporting bugs and suggesting new features. There are even more exciting features coming up, drop by the Discord community to see everything that’s cooking.

New Features

  • Focus mode (found under View menu)
  • Slovenian localization (thanks to Martin Srebotnjak!)
  • Character biographies (in side bar character view)
  • Stylizable shot lines
  • Much better Fountain QuickLook plugin for Finder
  • Menu items for sections, synopses and shots

Bug Fixes

  • Caret position is loaded correctly again
  • Fixed bugs with restoring plugins on load
  • Issues with notepad color scheme fixed
  • Review notes are again loaded correctly in sidebar
  • Tons of minor other issues fixed
  • Changing page size again formats content margins correctly
  • Some drag & drop fixes in outline view (once again)