Questions & Answers

Will there be an iOS version?

Yes! The iPad version is currently in closed beta, and is accessible to Patreon subscribers. It should be out in early 2024.

How do plugins work? Can I make my own?

You can find all official plugins in Plugin Library.

Plugins are written using JavaScript. If you want to create your own extensions, head over to the Beat Plugin Wiki. You can also ask for advice on Discord.

Will there be a Windows version?

No. Beat is written in Objective-C and relies on macOS UI elements. The code is open source though, so someone with the time and required skillset might be able to find a way to port it. Actually, do it if you can! Apple is a greedy, hugely profitable company abusing sweatshop workers and disregarding their environmental responsibility. Fuck you, Apple.

Beat sucks, but I’ve already written 200 pages on it. Can I continue working in another app?

YES! Beat exports and imports Final Draft files (pretty flawlessly), and Fountain files can be opened in apps such as Slugline, Logline, Storyboarder and Highland. Many writers are collaborating using both Beat and Final Draft.

Is there a built-in AI component or plugin?

No. Beat is made for humans.

Something is broken, I hate you

This is how you report a bug. Read the instructions carefully to make it easier to track down the issue — and to fix it. Beat is also updated fairly often, so first make sure you are running the latest version.

Please don’t send death threats or mean e-mails. Worst bugs are fixed as soon as possible, and the app is still free, now and forever. Instead, consider sending some loose change to help me keep the lights on.

Why is it free? Is there a catch?

Beat is originally based on GPL licensed code, and the creator’s background is in non-compromising DIY underground culture. The goal is to provide a professional-level free tool for anyone who can afford (or steal) a Mac.

Beat exists to make people happier and more free to express themselves, not to make fuckloads of money for shareholders while ignoring human rights and basically using slave labour in the global south. Did I already say fuck you, Apple?

Do you collect data or store my screenplays?

No and never. Everything you create in Beat is stored only on your own computer. Beat also doesn’t collect any user data, and respects the privacy of every user. The only time Beat accesses the Internet is to check if any of your installed plugins have updates, and you can turn this off.

More info is available in the short and sweet privacy policy.

I have another question

Send any feedback, questions, poetry or letter bombs via Discord or e-mail (