Beat 1.999.1 is out NOW on App Store, and the long-awaited novel mode is here!

Novel mode allows you to write novels inside Beat using the familiar outline elements. A section (#) begins a chapter, while scene headings can be used to divide your story, but won’t actually be printed as anything other than a scene marker. Your manuscript will be printed out in classy Times New Roman with generous spacing.

You can adjust the line height between 2 and 1.5 in Quick Settings:

Section level affects how the actual chapter headings will be printed out, and first and second level chapters (#, ##) also begin a new page. Third-level chapters (and below) act as a sub-headings.

Tutorials & Templates view contains a Novel Tutorial to get started with your first novel in Beat, and it also gives some nice insight to how macros work.

Novel mode should work out of the box on the latest iOS beta as well!